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Svartvik Handpaper Mill

The mill is located in Backe, a beautiful village in the county of Jämtland, Sweden. For nearly a decade the Mill has been a place where the ancient tradition of creating paper by hand has evolved into new art forms.

We create and sell our paper art in the mill and we also have a Paper Art Gallery with exhibitions of our work here. We also welcome groups of people who would like to learn to make their own paper, or listen to the papermaker´s very appreciated and spectacular "Stand up papermaking show" about the history of paper - like you have never heard it before!

We can tailor your stay whether you are a group of private people, school children or senior people on tour.


Our Paperart Gallery and shop is located in an old church building with plenty of space to seat up to 60 people. The actual papermaking is done in the mill next door, but there is also an opportunity for visitors to the Gallery to try out the art of making paper by hand.

Svartvik handpaper mill was previously located in Svartvik, not far from Sundsvall city but the mill was moved to Backe in year 2010. Please feel welcome to pay us a visit!

Inside the mill

The papermaker

Gunnar the papermaker has worked in the paper industry since 1972 and his eldest daughter is also a paper artist. Our artworks are inspired by nature and the papers contain mixtures from the plant kingdom but we also have special papers made from moose droppings.

We are specialized in paper reliefs (embossing) with our own designs such as hearts, animals and nature motives, for example, names, monograms and portraits for all sorts of occasions. Photography is another life long interest of ours.